15 Easter party food, games and craft ideas

With Easter just around the corner, the time has come to start planning those Easter parties and fun crafts for your little ones.  Easter is simply my favourite time of year.  The Spring flowers are in full bloom and the weather is finally starting to cheer up.  The coats are packed away and the kids can get out in the garden. 

Here we bring you some great, simple ideas that the kids will absolutely love.  



1. A fab idea for Easter themed party food is the carrot plant pots.  Simply dip strawberries (with the green leaves still attached) in melted white chocolate coloured with orange food colouring.  Allow them to set and line them up on crumbled Oreo biscuits to make the soil.  Your little Easter bunnies will love these sweet treats.



2. These sheep cakes I actually made for my son's farm themed birthday party, but they would work really well for an Easter party treat.  They are so simple.  A basic cupcake recipe will make 12-15 cakes: 6oz butter, 6oz caster sugar, 3 eggs, 6oz self raising flour.

Bake at 180 degrees for around 18-20 mins until light-golden brown on the the tops.

Whilst cooling, I mix up the vanilla buttercream using 80g unsalted butter, 250g icing sugar, 25ml of whole milk and a drop or two of vanilla extract.  Beat on a high speed for a good 5 minutes until it is really light and fluffy.  Then fold in 150g of white mini marshmallows .  

For an extra treat, you can melt up some large marshmallows, hollow a little out of the centre of each cake and spoon in a little dollop of the melted marshmallow before piling on the icing.  This recipe is a slight variation on the Humminbird Bakery recipe.

For the faces, I just used a little black pre-made fondant icing and made the little faces and then simply placed them on.  They taste so yummy and the adults and children will love them! 

3. Shortbread bunny biscuits - such a simple idea.  My kids absolutely love getting their hands in the dough, but they are so simple to make ahead of time and then just let the kids decorate them with (shop bought!) squeezy icing and fun silver balls and sprinkle.  They are always a hit and a lovely thing for them all to get involved with at the party.

A really simple recipe is just 4oz butter, 2oz caster sugar, 6oz plain flour.  Let the kids rub the dough into something that resembles breadcrumbs.  Add a few drops of cold water - just enough to bring the dough together and then roll out and use bunny or Easter themed cutters.  Bake at 190 degrees for 15-20 ins until golden brown.

4. Birds nests.  Another super simple idea to prep ahead of time.  There are so many ways to do this.  My mum always used to just make a cake and then use broken Matchmakers to build a nest on top of the cake filled with Mini eggs.  Another alternative is to use chocolate cornflake cakes (simply melted chocolate and cornflakes) with Mini eggs in the top.  These are always a hit.


5. The simplest craft that the kids will love playing with for the rest of the day is bunny masks. Simply stick a small pink pom pom onto one end of a large lolly stick and wrap 3 pipe cleaners around the stick to create the whiskers.  The children can then hold them up to their faces to add the finishing touch to their bunny outfits.

6. These Martha Stewart bunny ears aren't technically a children's craft, but are really simple to prep ahead of time for the little bunnies to wear on their Easter hunt.  All you need is felt, hot glue and elastic. You can find step by step instructions here

7. Egg decorating.  Such a great craft which little people of all ages will enjoy.  We have used card or polystyrene eggs previously, but blown real eggs would also work well for older children.  Simple supply pens, glue, fake hair, googly eyes etc and let them create their own little egg people. 

8. Chick and Bunny party hats.  These fantastic party hats from One Fine Day blog are super simple and look so cute on.  You can find all of the how to's at oneperfectdayblog.net

9. Paper plate chicks.  All you need are paper plates (preferably yellow although these can just be painted), orange card for the feet, yellow feathers, googly eyes and glue sticks.  These will keep the kids busy for a while and can double as a lovely Easter decoration when hung up like a garland.

10.  The sweetest decorations by far, baby pink honeycombs can be easily transformed into bunnies with a little glue and card creating ears, white pom pom nose, white card strips for whiskers, white card circles and mini black pom pom for the eyes.  Simple and so effective.

11. The Easter Tree - an absolute must in our household, I just love venturing out to find the perfect small branches to form the tree.  I tend to pack the stick/branch base with packing paper/newspaper/oasis inside a pretty vase and then cover the unsightly tops with moss and some eggs or a couple of tiny chicks.  There are so many gorgeous decorations out there to hang on the tree and each year the kids decorate their own eggs to hang on too.



11. The Bunny Race - set up a simple straight course and line up your bunnies - newly adorned in their homemade ears and masks.  Use old potato sacks or pillow cases to create a special Easter bunny sack race.

12. Scavenger Hunt - With all of the cake, chocolate and sweet treats, it's nice to set up a hunt where the children can hunt other little presents as well as chocolate.  Last year we hid a mix of chocolate and plastic eggs as well as cute little Easter presents and books.  They then found a large egg at the end.  We wrote rhyming clues for the children to follow around the house and garden to find the next egg or clue.  The kids absolutely loved racing around trying to solve all of the clues.  

13. The Matching Scavenger Hunt - Set up a card with a list of items or colours on.  The idea is that the children must find items around the garden which match those colours.

14. Egg and Spoon Race - Just as the name suggests - there are so many plastic egg and spoon kits around if you'd rather not have smashed eggs strewn over your garden!

15. The Egg Popper Tree from Studio DIY. An Easter twist on the pull Piñata.  What a fantastic idea for some Easter themed garden fun.  Hang them from tress and let the children pull them apart to find all of the treats inside.


Pic credit http://studiodiy.com