Little Lulus


Little Lulu’s is a luxury brand of high quality baby shoes

Catriona wanted to achieve a range of baby shoes in stylish, modern designs and fresh colours from her studio in her attic but as the collection developed she decided to find a manufacturer that could produce the quality she wanted and match the scale of the ambition she has for this range.  She set to work finding a factory in the UK and Europe and has forged a partnership with a well-established Italian atelier.

Catriona wanted the shoes to be luxurious and covetable, just as designer brands are to fashion conscious parents. They are a luxury gift item for all of the trendiest babies. These stylish shoes are chic, mini versions of the shoes Mummy and Daddy wear. Big people trends for little people’s feet.

The shoes are handmade in the finest eco-friendly nappa leather. In between the lining and the upper there is a soft padded layer, which adds to the buttery texture and gives babies a bit of extra warmth.  The stitching is as refined as embroidery with no imperfections, maintaining the super soft feel of the shoes on baby’s foot.  All the shoes in the range have the Little Lulu’s brand embossed on the sole and in gold print on the insole and every pair comes beautifully packaged in a clear box together with canvas branded dust bag, all wrapped up with a bow and gift tag. 

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